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Welcome to the Make a TEC page! Learn more about making a TEC below.

Make a TEC

At TEC, You Will Experience…

-A fresh and exciting place away from Home, School, and Work
-Meeting youth from other areas of the Diocese
-Finding how God fits in your Life
-A follow-up program to help you live out your TEC Experience
-Time to reflect on your Life, Ideas, Hopes and Dreams
-Much, much more!

TEC is Based on Freedom

It is very important to realize that TEC is a voluntary experience. Candidates must want to participate and are allowed to leave if necessary. No one should be required to make a TEC in order to fulfill a graduation or confirmation retreat requirement. Parishes and Schools are asked to respect this policy of the TEC community. TEC is an exercise in freedom. A candidate may be “free to” participate, but may not be “free from” other parental, peer, or work pressures. Parents and peers need to respect a candidate’s freedom to participate.

Age Requirements

Teens Encounter Christ is open to teens age 17 (must be attending classes as a junior) through age 22. Teens attending classes in their junior year but who have not reached their 17 birthday will also be accepted. Teens Encounter Christ is also available for adults over age 22 who wish to take an active role in the TEC movement.

Additional Details

TEC weekends are held three times a year at St. Mary’s Ireland, Indiana. The weekend begins on Saturday morning at 10 a.m. and ends Monday evening at 5 p.m (Eastern Times). You will need to bring clothes for Sunday Mass and casual clothes for the rest of the weekend suitable for recreation, and coats and jackets in season. Bring towels, washcloths, personal hygiene articles, sleeping bag and pillow.

How to Apply

Complete the application. Have a parent or guardian sign, date and complete the CONSENT TO MEDICAL TREATMENT AND WAIVER. Mail the completed application and waiver to the address printed at the bottom of the form. A $50 fee is required with application. No one will be denied participation due to lack of funds

After You Apply

Please note that filling out an application does not guarantee that you have a spot on a particular weekend. If the weekend is already full or if adults do not have time to get their background checks done, you may have to wait until the following TEC retreat. You or your parents will receive a phone call about a month prior to the TEC weekend to invite you and answer any questions you might have.

*Due to the high volume of applications, there is no guarantee that all applicants will be able to make the upcoming TEC weekend. 

Please apply ASAP so that you can have an opportunity to be on the soonest possible weekend.*


Weekend starts at 10:00AM on Saturday morning and typically ends about 5:00PM on Monday afternoon.

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