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Welcome to the Testimonials page! See what others have to say about the TEC experience below.

TEC Testimonials are from former TECite’s and Observer’s who have made a previous TEC.
Their experience and what the TEC Community means to them is shown here.

“It means family and a group of crazy fun people

who you can laugh with while growing closer to God.”

– Regan Happe



– Mark Durchholz


“The TEC community is home.

A place where I can always find a family to hang out

and help me through my struggles.”

– Sarah Wichman


“It means so much to me.

The fact that there’s a community of people constantly supporting each other

and to be a part of it is life changing.

I have met many new people and some are now my closest friends. I wouldn’t trade it for the world”

– Luke Verkamp


“I found a family and a home in TEC.

This movement has provided me a way to make great friendships,

but the also introducted me to great witnesses to help me along my faith journey.

I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for my TEC experiences.”

– Lindsay Verkamp


“The TEC community is a true witness to brothers and sisters

embracing this journey together, growing in love for Christ”

-Nick Sellers


“TEC helps me to surround myself with Christ-like individuals

who do, say, and live everything in Jesus’s name! TEC as a whole

has not just enlightened my knowledge in faith, but leaves an inspirational

fire in my heart for Jesus!”

– Holly Bittner


“The TEC community to me is like a group of travelers.

We’re all going towards the same destination: God

We walk, cry, laugh, and most importantly, grow together”

— Takumi Mundy


“The TEC community means having people who love and support you.

It also help raise you up and discover life long friends.”

– Alicia Betz

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