Welcome to the Testimonials page! See what others have to say about the TEC experience below.

TEC Testimonials are from former TECite’s and Observer’s who have made a previous TEC.
Their experience and what the TEC Community means to them is shown here.

“It means family and a group of crazy fun people

who you can laugh with while growing closer to God.”

– Regan Happe



– Mark Durchholz


“The TEC community is home.

A place where I can always find a family to hang out

and help me through my struggles.”

– Sarah Wichman


“It means so much to me.

The fact that there’s a community of people constantly supporting each other

and to be a part of it is life changing.

I have met many new people and some are now my closest friends. I wouldn’t trade it for the world”

– Luke Verkamp


“I found a family and a home in TEC.

This movement has provided me a way to make great friendships,

but the also introducted me to great witnesses to help me along my faith journey.

I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for my TEC experiences.”

– Lindsay Verkamp


“The TEC community is a true witness to brothers and sisters

embracing this journey together, growing in love for Christ”

-Nick Sellers


“TEC helps me to surround myself with Christ-like individuals

who do, say, and live everything in Jesus’s name! TEC as a whole

has not just enlightened my knowledge in faith, but leaves an inspirational

fire in my heart for Jesus!”

– Holly Bittner


“The TEC community to me is like a group of travelers.

We’re all going towards the same destination: God

We walk, cry, laugh, and most importantly, grow together”

— Takumi Mundy


“The TEC community means having people who love and support you.

It also help raise you up and discover life long friends.”

– Alicia Betz


Sponsored by the Evansville Diocese TEC is a three-day retreat weekend of prayer, reflections/talks, discussions and activities based on the Paschal Mystery.  TEC is a special experience with topics and an approach designed for older adolescents and young adults who will be starting their junior year of High School through college age. Adults are also encouraged to join as participants  on the weekend.



E-mail:  tec@evdio.org


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