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Welcome to the About TEC page! Learn more about TEC below.

Sponsored by the Evansville Diocese TEC is a three-day retreat weekend of prayer, reflections/talks, discussions and activities based on the Paschal Mystery.  TEC is a special experience with topics and an approach designed for older adolescents and young adults who will be starting their junior year of High School through college age. Adults are also encouraged to join as Participants on the weekend.

Believing that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the core message of our Christian faith, TEC is a recognized movement of the Roman Catholic Church, offering to youth and young adults an experience of the Paschal Mystery of Jesus. Through evangelization and catechesis, this intergenerational movement facilitates spiritual growth of youth and young adults with a community of adult mentors.

In the afterglow of the Second Vatican Counsel, Fr. Matt Fedewa, a priest of the Diocese of Lansing, Michigan, designed a retreat experience to focus the essentials of the Catholic faith for older adolescents. As a teacher of a senior class, Fr. Fedewa was well aware of the disenchantment of youth. The initiative for his work was informed, in part, by his experience in adult faith communities like the Cursillo movement.

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