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Welcome to the Work a TEC page! See details below about signing up to work a TEC.

Work a TEC
TEC team selection process:

1.) You submit a team application, either online or through the mail.
2.) The application is received and entered into our database, according to the date received.
3.) About 2 months before a TEC retreat, the team selection committee meets. We pray for the Holy Spirit to guide us through the process. Then, we go through applications and create a first draft of the team, taking into consideration the date the application was received, position requests, and the needs of the TEC weekend.
4.) Phone calls are made. Alternates are called as needed from the database, according to the same considerations.

If you are called and cannot commit to the weekend AND ALL FORMATIONS:
Your application will remain on file until either:

A.) You are able to commit, or
B.) More than 1 year passes since your application was submitted.

By saying “YES!” to the TEC team, you are committing to:

1.) Attending ALL 3 formations. It is critical that all team members attend all formations!! Rare exceptions can be made at the discretion of the lay director, but this is usually limited to being a bit late or leaving a bit early for other Church events (ie – cantoring / serving / etc. at a later Mass at your parish)
2.) Arriving Friday night of the TEC weekend and staying through Monday, once everything is cleaned up (usually 5 or 6pm). Again, team members may NOT leave the TEC retreat weekend except in very rare circumstances that are cleared by the lay director BEFORE the 1st formation!
3.) Living a life in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church, including weekly Mass attendance.
4.) Completing Youth Protection Training (including authorizing a background check) if you are over 18 and have not already done so.

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