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Welcome to the What is TEC?"Page!


Sponsored by the Evansville Diocese TEC is a three-day retreat weekend of prayer, reflections/talks, discussions and activities based on the Paschal Mystery.  TEC is a special experience with topics and an approach designed for older adolescents and young adults who will be starting their junior year of High School through college age. Adults are also encouraged to join as Observers on the weekend. It begins at 10:00AM on Saturday and ends about 5:00PM on Monday. Candidates are required to attend all three days. Applications can be printed from this website. TEC weekends are filled with talks, group discussions, personal reflection, recreation and live music. Sharing, getting to know those around you and participation in activities are important aspects of the weekend.

Southwest Indiana TEC weekends are usually held at St. Mary’s Parish in Ireland, Indiana. Retreatants are housed with full access to washrooms and hot showers.

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